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body region

jessie lynn

Body regions chapter 1 A&P

1Back of elbow _____ manus
2leg _____sacral
3hip _____lumbar
4anterior surface of elbow _____cervical
5point of shoulder _____hallux
6spine _____mental
7naval _____otic
8chest _____pedal
9ankle _____antebrachial
10calf _____gluteal
11breast bone _____antecubital
12shoulder blade _____popliteal
13tailbone _____sural
14genital _____umbilical
15back of knee _____abdominal
16thumb _____acromial
17sole of foot _____pelvic
18between anus and genitals _____sternal
19pelvis _____frontal
20foot _____cural
21kneecap _____perineal
22palm of hand _____carpal
23ear _____patellar
24boney eye socker _____tarsal
25mouth _____scapular
26back of head  _____plantar
27nose _____pollex
28chin _____nasal
29hand _____thoracic
30lower back _____calcaneal
31groin  _____coxal
32Big toe _____oral
33buttocks _____cephalic
34forehead _____orbital
35side of leg _____olecranal
36thigh _____vertebral
37fingers and toes _____buccal
38neck _____inguinal
39head _____pubic
40wrist  _____occipital
41heal _____digital
42cheek _____brachial
43upperarm _____fibular
44forearm _____palmar
45above hips and below ribs _____femoral

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