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The Elements of Drama

Mr. Tyson Moon

The Elements of Drama are your best friends through the NSW Year 9 and 10 Drama Course. They drive all performance work and workshopping, as well as all analysing of other theatrical works. They also work very closely with the Elements of Production. The Six Elements of Drama are hard to remember at first, but they're very important. Here's a great game to help you study hard and get those elements of drama memorised and mastered!

FOCUS The driving conflict of the play.
SYMBOL Expressed through the visual imagery of language, movement, gesture, objects, design and staging, helping to reinforce the meaning of the whole experience.
TIME AND PLACE Refers to both the shape of the stage/performance space and the spatial design contained in the performance space.
SPACE  Ideas, feelings and needs are expressed through verbal and non-verbal language.
LANGUAGE The world of the play, circumstances and contexts of the drama.
TENSION Planned to help frame the action and can be created by attention to space, motifs, props, gestures, eye contact, language, voice and contrasts.

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