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Voc. Quiz #1 The Inca Civilization

1Geoglyph _____Spanish explorer who conquered the Incas in what is now Peru and founded the city of Lima.
2quarry _____River that forms a border between the U.S. and Mexico
3quinoa _____An Inca city known as the retreat of the gods built using massive stone
4terrace farming _____a pit containing large amount of stones
5Andes Mountains _____A large geometric design or animal shape drawn on the ground
6Francisco Pizarro _____Last ruling Inca emperor of Peru. He was executed by the Spanish.
7Atahualpa _____A native plant of South America's Andean region that yields nutritious seeds
8Moche _____South American civilization good with pottery
9Cuzco _____a farming system that is in the form of steps going up a mountain
10Inca _____Mountain range in South America that runs along the pacific ocean
11Environment _____Capital city of the Inca empire
12Rio Grande _____our physical surroundings
13Amazon Basin _____Large Basin in South America covering Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela.
14Machu Picchu _____This civilization built their city up in the Andes Mountains

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