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Voc. Quiz #4 The Inca Achievements

1Cultivation _____worlds consisting of cultural information that has accumulated over history, customs, traditions, beliefs, and ideas
2Network _____ having to do with how different groups and communities interact and treat one another
3quipu _____A chain of communication that connects places
4domesticated animals _____surgery practiced by the Inca to treat head injuries
5goldwork _____having to do with a governing body of a country or community
6stonework _____Inca rafts made using reed, used for transporting goods and people suspension bridge bridge that
7mummification _____the act or art of working with gold
8Inca surgery _____having to do with the production, buying and selling of goods
9Agricultural technology _____These included cattle, horses, and pigs, and were a contribution to the Americas from the Columbian Exchange that changed the agriculture, diet, and even warfare among the Native Americans.
10reed rafts _____An arrangement of knotted strings on a cord, used by the Inca to record numerical information.
11supension bridges _____the preservation of dead bodies by embalming and wrapping them in cloth
12pottery _____the application of science and inventions in agricultural work; the use of science to develop new ways of doing things
13Social world _____the parts of a building that are made of stone
14Political world _____pottery ceramic pots and ware earthenware, and stoneware invented and used by the Inca
15Cultural world _____bridge that has a roadway suspended by ropes --ropes made using grass
16economic world _____(agriculture) production of food by preparing the land to grow crops

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