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NG Voc. Quiz #5 The Maya

1Popol Vuh _____stories that explains how the world began
2Creation Story _____land, usually level, at a low elevation
3Maya _____an ancient manuscript text in book form.
4Highlands _____a farming system that is in the form of steps going up a mountain
5codex _____A book containing a version of the Mayan story of creation.
6Monte Alban _____Tropical tree whose seeds are used to make chocolate and cocoa
7Slash and burn agriculture _____"Middle America" the region extending from modern-day Mexico through Central America
8lowland _____An area of high or mountainous land
9Cacao _____a farming technique in which trees are cut down and burned to clear and fertilize the land
10Olmec _____Mesoamerican civilization concentrated in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and in Guatemala and Honduras but never unified into a single empire. Major contributions were in mathematics, astronomy, and development of the calendar.
11Mesoamerica _____a mountain chain of western South America
12Inca Civilization _____Abandoned city high in the Andes mountains that showcases the architectural genius of the Inca
13Andes _____A pre-Columbian civilization in the Andes Mountains. The Inca excelled at engineering, and developed new food crops like potatoes.
14Terrace Farming _____The first Mesoamerican civilization. Between ca. 1200 and 400 B.C.E.
15Machu Picchu _____First urban center in the Americas, built by the Zapotec

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