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APUSH Unit 3 Events and Terms Vocabulary

Paxton Boys A secret organization that fought against taxation by the British government
Loyalists Anti- revolutionists that sided and agreed to British policy
Bill of Rights A female resistance group that protested the Stamp Act
3/5 compromise  A political party that idealizes self- government and representation of the people
Republicanism A vigilante group who’s objective was to eliminate American Indians after the results of The French & Indian War
Treaty of Paris  A rising call for independence and republican form of government
Daughters of liberty Reflected a sense of national purpose and a desire for unity among Americans in aftermath of war of 1812
Sons of liberty An agreement that a fraction of slaves get counted for purposes of representation in a state
Louisiana Purchase  The first 10 amendments in the US constitution that guarantees individual liberties
Common Sense  The treaty that ended the Seven Years’ war between Britain and France
Era of Good Feeling The obtainment if a territory from Frane by the US for $15 million

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