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NG Voc. Quiz #6 Maya 2

1Tikal _____Central American region where we find El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and Mexico
2Peten _____The Maya used this practice to clear the rainforest
3Sinkhole _____to unite with other groups or countries to get stronger
4Alliance _____A region where the Maya built their civilization
5source _____the origen from which something comes from
6cooperate _____This was a Maya drink reserved for the gods
7Christopher Columbus _____Important Maya City built in Guatemala
8Treason _____to be disloyal
9Hispaniola _____The Maya built many city-states in this rainforest region located in Guatemala
10Pacal the Great _____Island where Christopher Columbus landed for the first time
11Mesoamerica _____The King of Palenque, he built many palaces
12Beringia _____a underground water well used by the Maya to obtain fresh water
13Human Sacrifices _____to help each other for a common goal
14Yucatan Peninsula _____He found and help Spain conquered a new continent
15Slash and Burn agriculture _____The Maya's most important food
16Corn _____Mayan religious practices to please their gods
17Chocolate _____The land bridge where the 1st native americans crossed into America

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