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Form Analysis A composition where all the values are dark
Five Basic Forms  A natural application of highlight and shadow to the form.
Abstract Seeing and drawing the entire composition
Concave  A recessed area or plane
Convergence Distortion with the intent to enhance
Convex An evenly shaded area
Core Shadow A 2-D surface foreshortened as seen in space
Cross Contour The area surrounding the solid or positive objects
Cross Hatch Refers to the greatest dimension of a ellipse
Draw Through Shading around or across the form to show mass or volume
High Key Coming together, such as ray traces converging to a point in percpective
Highlight The lightest area on a form
Light Logic A composition where all the values are light
Low Key Having form or depth
Major Axis Surface quality: tactile or visual
Marking Your World The darkest area of shade on a form
Media A 3-D illusion on a 2-D surface
Negative Space An area or plane where a portion is pushed or extended outward.
Pattern  The materials for drawing: pencils, ink, paint, etc.
Perspective Your drawing or painting surface
Picture Plane Drawing the hidden construction lines
Plane  Cube, sphere, cylinder, triangle and rectangle
Stylize Understanding the composite parts that make up a complex object
Technique A transparent tone using liquid media
Texture The logical repetition of anything
Three-Dimensional Deviation from real form
Two-Dimensional  The quality of light or dark
Uniform Tone An effort to visually define your world by what you know and understand about drawing
Value "How it's done," i.e., realistic or abstract, tight or loose
Application A flat surface, having no depth
Whole Drawing Toning or texturing with short parallel strokes

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