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Nat Geo Voc. Quiz #8 Roman Empire

1Virgil _____A civilization that settled in the valley of Mexico.
2Pax Romana _____Tenochtitlan is know today as this city.
3Latin _____A curved ceiling used by the Romans to built their structures.
4Augustus _____When the source of the information is obtain from someone who did not participate in the event.
5Secondary Source _____The Aztec, Maya and Inca religion was based on this practice.
6Primary Source _____100 years of peace in Roman Empire
7Oratory _____He defeated the Aztecs in 1521.
8Mosaic _____One of the most famous Roman poets.
9Fresco _____The leader of an empire. Julius Ceaser
10emperor _____When the source of the information comes from someone who actually witness the event.
11Arch _____An image made using small pieces of tile or glass.
12Aztec _____He brought peace to empire. The first Roman Emperor.
13Human Sacrifices _____Official language of the Roman Empire
14Hernan Cortez _____The Aztec and Maya used this as their currency.
15Lake Texcoco _____Oral presention in front of an audience.
16Mexico City _____A water color painting done on plaster
17Cacao Beans _____The Aztec built their civilization on this geographical feature.

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