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Family Sociology Review


Match the term to it's description

1Adverse selectivity _____An instrument developed by Murray Straus to measure the extent of domestic violence based on frequency and severity of incidents.
2No-fault divorce _____A tendency for family violence to repeat itself from one generation to the next, as abused girls and daughters of abused mothers grow up to become abused women, and the abused boys or sons of abusive fathers grow up to become abusive husbands or fathers.
3Predictor _____A move away from religion as an organizing principle of society.
4Secularization _____Family violence: violence against any member of the household, including a child, spouse, parent or sibling.
5Social pathology _____Lack of congruence between the various indicators of social class, such as education and occupation, or wealth and prestige.
6ABCX family crisis model _____A characteristic that is correlated with and precedes an outcome but may not be a direct cause.
7Acculturative Stress _____A broad-based distress or disorganization within society.
8Caregiver Burden _____A tendency for people who choose to engage in a given behaviour to be, by nature of the kind of people they are, also at risk for a given outcome, selectively may create the appearance of and effect relationships where they do not exist.
9Crisis episodes _____Something that causes stress, a challenge or threat.
10Conflict Tactics Scale _____Stress that caregivers experience while caring for an infirm family member at home. This subjective burden is an important predictor of negative health outcomes.
11Cycle of Abuse _____Physical abuse between the members of the couple. It may be reciprocal ("common couple violence") or directed by one partner against the other, and it may occur between cohabiters and legally married couples.
12Domestic violence _____A model of stress in which A, A represents the stressor event, interacts with B, the family's crisis-meeting resources, and with C, the family's interpretation of the event to produce X, the crisis.
13Stressor _____Stress origination from the challenges involved in adapting to a new society.
14Status inconsistency _____Divorce granted because of marital breakdown rather than because of specific wrongdoing (e.g. adultery) on the part of one spouse or the other.
15Intimate partner violence (IPV) _____Significant events that are likely to lead to seeking help from professionals, changing caregiving conditions, and precipitating decision-making.

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