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NG Voc. Quiz #9 The Roman Empire

1inflation _____When something is taken apart or divided.
2barbarian _____An original document, a witness to an event
3split _____Relating to soldiers and army.
4invasions _____A textbook, an encyclopedia, the internet
5unemployment _____Germanic invaders that attacked Rome from the north.
6Roman Urban decay _____Hypothesis, argument, opinion, claim
7Political Corruption _____When valuable resources are not used adequately
8Military _____When a country invades another county by force.
9wasteful _____The continent of Europe forms this geography feature.
10Theory _____200 years of peace in Rome.
11Pax Romana _____First Roman emperor
12Augustus _____When prices of products increased rapidly
13Primary source _____Crime, diseases, despair, violence in the Roman cities
14Secondary source _____When politicians don't follow the laws, and try to buy power with money
15Peninsula _____Jobless, when someone doesn't have a job

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