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NG Voc. Quiz #10&11 Islam

1Mosque _____a leader of prayer in a mosque
2Sedentary _____group of merchants traveling in the desert
3Arabic _____Arab shepherd who move from place to place looking for oasis
4Polytheism _____A follower of Islam
5Monotheism _____Green area in the desert with underground water
6Nomadic _____A supreme political and religious leader in a Muslim government
7Imam _____group or family related by blood or marriage
8Mineret _____A branch of Islam whose members acknowledge the leaders of the community as the rightful successors
9Mecca _____wandering, moving from place to place
10Shiite _____The prophet of Islam, messanger of god.
11Sunni _____Belief in many gods
12Clan _____A journey to a place considered sacred for religious purposes.
13caliph _____A holy shrine in Makka
14Pilgrimage _____characterized by or calling for continued sitting; remaining in one place
15Muslim _____The leader of a tribe
16Christianity _____ tower of a mosque
17Bedouin _____Belief in one God
18Qu'ran _____The holy book of Islam.
19Sheikh _____language of Islam
20Kaaba _____a member of the branch of Islam that regards Ali as the legitimate successor to Mohammed.
21Caravan _____The holy city of Islam
22Oasis _____The area around the eastern Mediterranean and Western Asia that includes many Arab countries.
23Muhammad _____religion founded by Jesus
24Middle East _____A Muslim place of worship

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