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HR Competencies 2020 (2 of 3)

Karen Burton

HR Competencies - SHRM 2020 Learning System

1Feedback Loop _____Process by which two or more parties work together to reach agreement on a matter.
2Focus Group _____Data-sorting technique in which group members add related ideas and indicate logical connections, eventually grouping similar ideas.
3Force-Field Analysis _____Ratio of net income (gross sales minus expenses and taxes) to net sales.
4Framing _____Visualization of the impact of change on productivity. When change is introduced, there is typically a decrease in productivity and then a gradual return to—or, ideally, a surpassing of—previous levels of productivity.
5Global Mindset _____Right of a legal body to exert authority over a given geographical territory, subject matter, or persons or institutions.
6Gross Profit Margin _____Society in which relationships have less history; individuals know each other less well and don't share a common database of experience, so communication must be very explicit.
7High-Context Culture _____Small group of invited persons (typically six to twelve) who actively participate in a structured discussion, led by a facilitator, for the purpose of eliciting their input.
8Income Statement _____Value that occurs most frequently in a set of data
9J Curve _____Ratio of gross profit to net sales.
10Jurisdiction _____Average score or value.
11Liabilities _____In communication, structuring a message to include opportunities for correction or clarification. This requires two-way communication.
12Low-Context Culture _____Factors that initiate, direct, and sustain human behavior over time.
13Mean _____Statement that reports revenues, expenses, and profits for a specified period of time, for example, quarterly or annually.
14Median _____Middle number in a range of values.
15Mind Mapping _____In communication, any factor that can disrupt the sending and receipt of a message—for example, physical factors such as loud environments, cultural factors such as a distinctive accent, or cognitive factors such as the use of unfamiliar jargon.
16Mode _____Group decision-making tool designed to analyze the forces favoring and opposing a particular change. A factor is weighted, and the factors on each side are summed and compared.
17Motivation _____Ability to have an international perspective, inclusive of other cultures' views.
18Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) _____Organization’s debts and other financial obligations.
19Neotiation _____Group decision-making tool in which the group defines the characteristics of a successful decision and then scores each alternative against those criteria.
20Net Profit Margin _____Process of developing mutually beneficial contacts through the exchange of information.
21Networking _____Societies or groups characterized by complex, usually long-standing networks of relationships; members share a rich history of common experience, so the way they interact and interpret events is often not apparent to outsiders.
22Noise _____Process of constructing a message so that an audience sees communicated facts in a certain way and is persuaded to take a certain action.

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