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People 2020 (4 of 6)

Karen Burton

People Module - SHRM 2020 Learning System

1Mentoring _____Occurs when there is only a small difference in pay between employees regardless of their experience, skills, level, or seniority; also known as salary compression.
2Merit Pay _____Compensation provided on an individual basis in the form of goods or services.
3Mission Statement _____Used to group jobs that have approximately the same relative internal or external worth and are paid at the same rate or within the same pay range.
4Onboarding _____Process by which new employees become familiar with the organization and with their specific department, coworkers and job.
5On-The-Job Training (OJT) _____Situation where an individual’s performance on the job is the basis for the amount and timing of pay increases; also called merit pay or pay for performance.
6Organizational Learning _____Tools, activities, and processes that an organization uses to manage, maintain, and/or improve the job performance of employees.
7Organizational Values _____Set the upper and lower bounds of possible compensation for individuals whose jobs fall within a pay grade.
8Orientation _____Pay systems in which employee characteristics, rather than the job, determine pay.
9Paired-Comparison Method _____Beliefs and principles defined by an organization to direct and govern its employees’ behavior.
10Pay Compensation _____Acquisition and/or transfer of knowledge within an organization through activities or processes that may occur at several organizational levels. Ability of an organization to learn from its mistakes and adjust its strategy accordingly.
11Pay For Performance (P4P, PfP) _____Situation where an individual’s performance on the job is the basis for the amount and timing of pay increases; also called merit pay or performance-based pay.
12Pay Grades _____Process of measuring and evaluating an employee’s adherence to performance standards and providing feedback to the employee.
13Pay Ranges _____Training provided to employees at the work site utilizing demonstration and performance of job tasks.
14Performance Appraisal _____Relationship in which one person helps guide another's development.
15Performance Bonus _____Situation where an individual’s performance on the job is the basis for the amount and timing of pay increases; also called performance-based pay or pay for performance.
16Performance Management _____Job evaluation method in which each job is compared with every other job being evaluated; the job with the largest number of “greater than” rankings is the highest-ranked job, etc.
17Performance Standards _____Process of assimilating new employees into an organization, through orientation programs to help them, as well as their experiences in their first months of employment.
18Performance-Based Pay _____One-time payment made to an employee; also called a lump-sum increase (LSI).
19Perquisites _____Concise outline of an organization’s strategy, specifying the activities it intends to pursue and the course its management has charted for the future.
20Person-Based Pay _____Behaviors and results as defined by an organization to communicate the expectations of management.

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