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Workplace 2020 (5 of 5)

Karen Burton

Workplace Module - SHRM 2020 Learning System

1Residual Risk _____System for identifying, evaluating, and controlling actual and potential risks to an organization.
2Reverse Innovation _____Innovations created for or by emerging-economy markets and then imported to developed-economy markets.
3Risk _____Process by which a retirement benefit becomes nonforfeitable.
4Risk Appetite _____Practice of purchasing and using resources wisely by balancing economic, social, and envronmental concerns, with the goal of securing the interests of present and future generations.
5Risk Control _____U.S. act that requires some employers to give a minimum of 60 days’ notice if a plant is to close or if mass layoffs will occur.
6Risk Management _____U.S. act that protects the employment, reemployment, and retention rights of persons who serve or have served in the uniformed services.
7Risk Position _____Uncertainty that has an effect on an objective, where effect outcomes may include opportunities, losses, and threats.
8Risk Scorecard _____An organization’s desired gain or acceptable loss in value.
9Risk Tolerance _____Reporting of an organization’s violations of policies and processes by employees.
10Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) _____Procedural document designed to assist employers in complying with federal regulations prohibiting discrimination.
11Sexual Orientation _____Economic, social, and environmental impact metrics used to determine an organization’s success.
12Single Loss Expectancy (SLE) _____Action of rejecting a bill or statute.
13Sustainability _____Amount of uncertainty that remains after all risk management efforts have been exhausted.
14Triple Bottom Line _____Legal doctrine under which a party can be held liable for the wrongful actions of another party.
15Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures _____Any fixed, recurring period of 168 consecutive hours (7 days times 24 hours = 168 hours).
16Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) _____Union employees’ right in U.S. to have a union representative or coworker present during an investigatory interview.
17Vesting _____U.S. act that requires that all publicly held companies establish intenal controls and procedures for financial reporting to reduce the possibility of corporate fraud.
18Veto _____Amount of uncertainty an organization is willing to pursue or to accept to attain its risk management goals.
19Vicarious Liability _____Expected monetary loss every time a risk occurs; calculated by multiplying asset value by exposure factor.
20Weingarten Rights _____An action taken to manage a risk.
21Whistleblowing _____Tool used to gather individual assessments of various characteristics of risk (e.g., frequency of occurrence; degree of impact, loss, or gain for the organization; degree of efficacy of current controls).
22Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act _____Sexual, romantic, or emotional/spiritual attraction that one feels for persons of the opposite sex or gender, the same sex or gender, or both sexes and more than one gender.
23Workweek _____Amount of uncertainty an organization is willing to pursue or to accept to attain its risk management goals.

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