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HR Competencies 2020 (1 of 3)

Karen Burton

HR Competencies - SHRM 2020 Learning System

1Accounts Payable _____Statement of an organization’s ability to meet its current and short-term obligations, showing incoming and outgoing cash and cash reserves in operations, investments, and financing.
2Accounts Receivable _____Basic beliefs, attitudes, values, behaviors, and customs shared and followed by members of a group, which give rise to the group’s sense of identity.
3Active Listening _____Data-sorting technique in which a group categorizes and subcategorizes data until relationships are clearly drawn.
4Affinity Diagramming _____Ability to be sensitive to and understand one's own and others' emotions and impulses.
5Assets _____Money an organization's customers owe the organization.
6Balance Sheet _____Business management software, usually a suite of integrated applications, that a company can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities.
7Bribery _____Ability to use information to gain a deeper understanding of an organization and make sound business decisions.
8Business Case _____Statement of an organization's financial position at a specific point in time, showing assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity.
9Business Intelligence (BI) _____Concept that laws are enforced only through accepted, codified procedures.
10Cash Flow Statement _____Legal system in which each case is considered in terms of how it relates to legal decisions that have already been made; evolves through judicial decisions over time.
11Civil Law _____Principles that guide decision making and behavior in an organization.
12Code of Conduct _____Communication technique to increase the engagement between communicators and their audiences. It involves two-way communication and attention to nonverbal signs that indicate interest and reactions to the message and speaker.
13Common Law _____Treatment of personal information that has been disclosed to another person or organization.
14Confidentiality _____Legal system based on written codes (laws, rules, or regulations).
15Conflict of Interest _____Presentation to management that establishes that a specific problem exists and argues for a proposed solution.
16Cultural Intelligence _____Technique that progressively collects information from a group of anonymous respondents.
17Culture _____Capacity to recognize, interpret, and behaviorally adapt to multicultural situations and contexts.
18Delphi Technique _____Amount of owners’ or shareholders’ portion of a business.
19Due Process _____Situation in which a person or organization may potentially benefit, directly or indirectly, from undue influence, due to involvement in outside activities, relationships, or investments that conflict with or have an impact on the employment relationship or its outcomes.
20Emotional Intelligence (EI) _____Extension of the power of a country’s laws over its citizens outside that country’s sovereign national boundaries.
21Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) _____Exchange of anything of value to gain greater influence or preference.
22Equity _____Financial, physical, and sometimes intangible properties an organization owns.
23Extraterriroriality _____Money an organization owes its vendors and suppliers.

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