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Organization 2020 - (2 of 3)

Karen Burton

Organization Module - SHRM 2020 Learning System

1Hacking _____Organizational structure that combines departmentalization by division and function to gain the benefits of both; results in some employees reporting to two managers rather than one, with neither manager assuming a superior role.
2HR Audit _____Act of deliberately accessing a computer without permission.
3Human Resource Informaiton System (HRIS) _____Termination of employment of individual employees or groups of employees for reasons other than perfomance, for example, economic necessity or restructuring; also known as downsizing.
4Independent Contractors _____Use of information from past and present to predict future conditions.
5Industrial Actions _____Self-employed individuals hired on a contract basis for specialized services.
6Information Systems (IS) _____Broad statement that reflects an organization’s philosophy, objectives, or standards concerning a particular set of management or employee activities.
7Intellectual Property (IP) _____Work groups that conduct the major business of an organization.
8Joint Employment _____Group of workers who formally organize and coordinate their activities to achieve common goals in their relationship with an employer or group of employers; also called trade union.
9Judgmental Forecasts _____Statistical method used to predict a variable from one or more predictor variables.
10Knowledge Management (KM) _____Ownership of innovation by an individual or business enterprise; includes patented, trademarked, or copyrighted property.
11Labor Union _____Common form of post-employment agreement that prevents employee from leaving to work for one of employer’s competitors.
12Line Units _____Process of enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of an organization and the well-being of its members through planned interventions.
13Lockout _____Process by which an organization contracts with third-party vendors to provide selected services/activities, instead of hiring new employees.
14Matrix Structure _____Action of an employer to shut down operations to prevent employees from working.
15Mediation _____Way to collect, organize, store, analyze, and share data.
16Non-Compete Agreement (NCA) _____Method of nonbinding dispute resolution by which a neutral third party tries to help disputing parties reach a mutually agreeable decision; also called conciliation.
17Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) _____Process of creating, acquiring, sharing, and managing knowledge to augment individual and organizational performance.
18Organizational Development _____Positioning of employees at a place of work targeted for the action for the purpose of protest.
19Outsourcing _____Agreement that requires specific contractors to accept certain conditions in project contracts, such as paying a fair wage and contributing to health insurance, pension, and training funds.
20Picketing _____Organizational structure in which functional departments are grouped under major product divisions.
21Policy _____Various forms of collective employee actions taken to protest work conditions or employer actions.
22Product Structure _____Information technology framework and tools for gathering, storing, maintaining, retrieving, revising, and reporting relevant HR data.
23Project Labor Agreement (PLA) _____Common form of post-employment agreement, especially in knowledge industries, in which employee agrees not to discuss knowledge gained during employment.
24Reduction In Force (RIF) _____Systematic and comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s HR policies, practices, procedures, and strategies.
25Regression Analysis _____Situation in which an organization shares responsibility and liability for their alternative workers with an alternative staffing supplier; also known as co-employment.

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