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Assistance Requested Emergency 12-37
Check for Wants or Stolen 12-16
Dispatch Tow Truck 12-51
Vehicle Registered Legal Owner & Stolen Check 12-97
Dispatch Ambulance 12-20C
Operators License and Wants Status 12-48
CMV Registration Status 12-18
Motor Vehicle Registration & Stolen Check 12-38
Motor Vehicle Crash Fatal 12-19
Attempt to locate 12-22
Repeat Message 12-6
Motor Vehicle Crash Ambulance Dispatched 12-45
Request Description for DL 12-99
Call office or number 12-36
Radio Check, location optional 12-5
Unable to Copy 12-10A
Contact Address or Complaintant 12-16A
Relay Following Info 12-44
No operators License or Suspended/Revoked 12-17
Return to Station 12-10
Prepare to Copy 12-57
Motor Vehicle Crash 12-34
Similar Hit Request Additional Info 12-33
Subject Wanted or Property Stolen- Mis D 12-43
Subject Wanted or property Stolen-Felony 12-24B
Prior Felony Record No Wants 12-41
Prior Mis D Record No Wants 12-49
No Record or Report 12-60
Subject Holds Valid Concealed Weapons Permit 12-49A
Can Subject Hear Radio 12-40
Suspicious Person 12-65
Intoxicated Driver 12-11
Intoxicated Person 12-21
Emergency All Silent 12-25
Resume Normal Radio Traffic 12-20A
Abandoned Motor Vehicle 12-24A
Illegal Hunting-Vicinity 12-96
Advise Road and Weather 12-35
Change Radio Channel 12-28
Standby 12-3
Your Traffic 12-23
No Traffic 12-47
Disregard 12-32
Accident/Hazmat 12-17
Burglary Alarm 12-8
Computer Files Unavilable 12-12
Computer Files Available 12-59
Death Investigation 12-50
Homicide Investigation 12-94
Improper Radio Traffic 12-70
Sex Crime 12-14
Disabled Motorist 12-13
Narcotic Activity 12-4
Drug Interdiction Need Backup 12-31
Late Return advise my Residence 12-58
Mental Subject 12-42
All units respond with location 12-20
Limit Radio Traffic 12-15
High Risk Stop 12-9
All Clear No Assistance Needed 12-58A

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