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Thomas Jefferson Those who were eager for war with Britain
Aaron Burr Government order that forbids foreign trade
Laissez Faire Raided the Tripoli harbor and burned the Philadelphia down to the waterline
John Marshall Governor of the Indiana Territory
Judicial Review Means that the government should not interfere in the economy
Expedition Organized the western tribes into a league to restore Indian Lands
Meriwether Lewis Long and carefully organized journey
William Clark Took command of American forces in Georgia
Continental Divide Place on a continent that separates river systems flowing in opposite directions
Zebulon Pike Chose by Jefferson to lead the expedition
Tribute Ran for President at the same time as Thomas Jefferson but became Vice President
Stephen Decatur Action of shutting a road or port to prevent people or supplies from coming into an area or leaving it
Embargo or withdraw
Smuggle American Commander
Tecumseh Army officer
William Henry Harrison Money paid to one country in return for protection
Nationalism Ran in 1801 to become the third President of the United States
War Hawk  Explores Southern part of the Louisiana Territory
Blockade Pride in ones country
Oliver Hazard Perry the act of illegally importing or exporting goods
Andrew Jackson Stated that the Courts powers came from the Constitution and not the Congress
Secede Authority of the Supreme Court to strike down unconstitutional laws

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