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NG Voc. Quiz # 15 Intro China Doc

1Imperial _____the growth of cities---
2golden age _____the transportation of over 12 millions of enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to be sold in the Americas
3Huang He _____ the process of spreading something widely, such as ideas, products, or practices--
4Bureaucracy _____also known as the Yellow River because of the heavy silt it carries; this river floods often and causes a lot of damage--
5dynasty _____a society ruled by people who were selected because of their proven ability to govern-
6aristocracy _____a line of rulers descended from the same family--
7urbanization _____He was the 16th president, and helped end slavery in the US.
8Meritocracy _____related to being ruled by an emperor--
9diffusion _____a system of government in which the ruling class is made up of noble families--
10innovation _____a former slave woman who escaped and became a leader of the anti-slavey movement
11economy _____the buying and selling of goods--
12commerce _____the system of managing the wealth and resources of a community or region--
13Harriet Tubman _____an era of stability and prosperity
14Abraham Lincoln _____ an organized body of workers, usually in government, with many levels of authority--
15Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade _____the process of creating a new way of doing things, or the resulting product or process--

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