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A street education

Aleksandra Arzanajeva

Match the words to the phrases.

adopt the practice of cleanliness
affection surprising
ageing population making your nervous, anxious or scared
appaling to drip water
beg so bad or unpleasant that it's shocking
broken home friendship and love one has for others
worthwhile enthusiastic about
literacy old people
nerve-racking the ability to read
eager a temporary poor quality school.
destitution having advantages that others don't have
shack the state of having no money or possessions
leak a family where the parents have split up
reputation to take another person's child into your own family
host family the opinion hel by others of somebody or something
eye-opening to arrive
miss out to polish people's shoes for money
hygiene being worth the time, money, effort spent doing it
makeshift school hut
wealthy to lose the opportunity to do something
shine shoes to ask very eagrly for something
turn up a family that a visiting student stays with
privileged rich

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