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A.L. Jackson

Match the parents up with their kids!

Melanie and Daniel - Pulled Kallie
Christian and Elizabeth - The Regret Series Sadie
Baz and Shea - Bleeding Stars Bailey Ann
Lyrik and Tamar - Bleeding Stars Evan
Ash and Willow - Bleeding Stars Frankie Leigh
Austin and Edie - Bleeding Stars Lizzie
Zee and Alexis - Bleeding Stars Colton
Rex and Rynna - Fight for Me Liam
Kale and Hope - Fight for Me Andrew
Nikki and Ollie - Fight for Me Benjamin
Jace and Faith - Confessions of the Heart Mal Pal
Ian and Grace - Confessions of the Heart Penny
Mack and Izzy - Confessions of the Heart None
Mia and Leif - Kiss the Stars Brendan

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