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Interdependence of Organisms and Environment

Michelle Clay

1organism _____model that links organisms by their feed relationships
2population _____all organism and the part of Earth where they exist
3community _____non-living things (moisture, temperature, wind, sun, soil, minerals)
4ecosystem _____collection of organisms and non living things in an area
5biome _____behaviors that improve the fitness for both individuals
6biosphere _____any individual living thing
7abiotic factors _____environmental resistance that affects a population regardless of population density
8biotic factors _____collection of all the different populations that live in one area
9biomass _____establishment and development of an ecosystem that was previously uninhabited
10food chain _____regional or global community of organisms characterized by climate and plants that thrive there
11food web _____one organism hunts and kills another organism for food
12energy pyramid _____total dry mass of all organisms in a given area
13mutualism _____relationship between two species in which one organism benefits by harming another organism
14parasitism _____reestablishment of a damaged ecosystem in an area where he soil was left intact
15commensalism _____ecological relationship in which two organisms attempt to obtain the same resource
16predator-prey _____model that shows the complex network of feeding relationships within an ecosystem
17cooperation _____environmental resistance that affects a population that has become overly crowded
18competetion _____model that compares energy used by producers, primary consumers, and other trophic levels
19mimicry _____the ability an organism develops to imitate one or more traits from an unrelated organism to obtain some benefit
20density-dependent limiting factor _____relationship between two species in which one organism benefits but the other organism is not affected
21density-independent limiting factor _____relationship between two species in which each species benefits
22primary ecological succession _____all the individuals of a species that live in the same area
23secondary ecological succession _____living things (plants, animals, fungi, bacteria)

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