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Conditions Vocabulary

Match the words to their meanings

Metabolic conditions without a known cause) iatrogenic (lit. Translation “doctor caused” - or resulting from treatment)
Endocrinological conditions relating to a physical impact between two or more objects
Degenerative conditions that your family passes on to you
Inflammatory/Infective conditions present at birth
Congenital conditions relating to exposures, and dose-response relationships thereof
Genetic / inherited conditions relating to the various secretory systems within the body
Haematological conditions relating to cancers
Autoimmune conditions related to a chemical imbalance or a disorder of thought processes
Traumatic conditions relating to the inappropriate activation of the immune system, in one of many ways
Psychological conditions that primarily present in a way that involves the profane activation of the immune system
Neurological conditions relating to metabolism, biochemistry, and the like
Idiopathic conditions relating to age-related destruction of tissue, or stress-related destruction of tissue
Neoplastic conditions relating to the nervous system, in one way or another – whether that be the central or peripheral
Environmental conditions relating to the blood system, in one way or another

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