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Science: Environment Science:Populations and Ecosystems

Match terms and definitions that we have learned in this unit.

1Population  _____Matter and energy leaving the system
2Community _____Terrestrial(land), Freshwater( Mix of saltwater and freshwater), and Ocean (Saltwater).
3Biome _____Regulates body temp internally like mammals
4Evolution _____Process by which organisms that are most suited to their environment survive and reproduce most successfully.
5Biosphere _____Decrease in oxygen levels
6Natural Selection _____One of the most important factors of an ecosystem and covers 70% of earth's surface; essential for all life including the water cycle.
7Selective Breeding _____Chemical and geologic factors needed for organisms survival
8Commensalism  _____ The environmental factor that is of predominant importance in restricting the size of a population
9Mutualism _____One species benefits and the other is unharmed.
10Parasitism _____More than one organism of the same species living in the same area
11System _____Missing phrase2 - 32
12Ecosystem _____Plants and animals suited for certain temp ranges
13Three major types of ecosystem: _____Method of breeding where humans allow only organism with desired characteristics to produce the next generation.
14Inputs in a ecosystem _____Change body temp based on surroundings like amphibians and reptiles.
15Outputs in a ecosystem _____Both species benefit
16Feedback _____Nonliving factors in the environment
17Abiotic _____Putting all the biomes together to consist of all life on earth
18Water as a factor (In a ecosystem) _____A group of interrelated items that interact with one another and collectively with the outside world; resulting in something that is greater than the sum of its individual parts
19Temperature as a factor (In a ecosystem) _____Consists of many populations, by not abiotic factors(nonliving) parts of the environment
20Ecotherms  _____Living factors(or once lived factors) in the environment
21Endotherms _____Conditions in one part of the system influence what happens elsewhere in the system
22Sunlight as a factor (In a ecosystem)  _____Different regions on the earth where organisms can live together.
23Soil and nutrients as a factor (In a ecosystem) _____Biotic and Abiotic factors working together
24Eutrophication _____Any change in the inheritable traits within a population across generations
25Biotic  _____Matter energy entering the systems
26Population Density _____Availability is crucial to organisms, drives photosynthesis, affects skin and sight of organisms. Many insects and birds use UV light to distinguish types of plants.
27Limiting Factors _____One species benefits and the other is harmed or dies
28Species _____The number of people living in each unit of area (such as a square mile)

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