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Gender Globalization Mobilization Matching List

Gabriella Zsigri

Match the left side to the correct definitions on the right. All the information can be found in the content of Lecture 11.

woman's movement widely used idea rooted in colonialism that even as developing nations make advanced they remain subservient to core nations and corporations in an increasingly globalized economy; industrialized nations exploit developing countries for their own gain
Equal Rights Amendment one of the first films to centralize the female experience with a female lead role
Roe v. Wade explains global divide through far reaching process by which nations pass from traditional forms of social organization towards characteristic of post Industrial Revolution society. Critiqued for containing ethnocentric biases such as implying that Western culture is superior to others
Title 9 feminism generates collective action by presenting itself as a social identity . talks, music festivals, poetry reading as social movement
Shirley Chisholm passed in congress in 1972, constitutional amendment that did not pass largely because it was opposed by conservative activists
woman's sexual liberation ways in which policies, cultures, social movements, and financial markets integrated globally through trade and the exchange of ideas
contraception tennis match where female won same prize as male for the first time leading to social change spilling over to homes
Battle of the Sexes challenge traditional theories in logic of movement "birth" and "death"
That Girl banana production is highly gendered and impacts woman directly. feminzation of agriculture as woman are expected to tend to crops or work to wash and package bananas. prostitution is also linked to banana production as plantations hire many men away from home and assume men want to be serviced.
Enloe world market factories represent production moved to another part of the world so that manufacturing can be cheaper for the benefit and consumption of those in developed countries. employ woman 14-24
gendered subordination of woman social movements require money, political influence, access to media and personnel. leadership is central to organization and consciousness raising among supporters is imperative
feminization of labour acceptance that woman can be honest and explore their sexuality
outsourcing social movements emerge in response to collective norms and values
Elson & Pearson argue that when a country modernized the roles that woman play in production deteriorate and are reborn through other exploitative means that jeopardizes their autonomy and well being
dependency theory social movements and organizations are identity centric , not tied to the state. organized collective activity that address values and social identities, as well as improving quality of life. example: LGBT movements
modernization theory first African American congresswoman to run for president. she helped bridge the divide between African American woman and the woman's movement
global divide occurs through 3 tendencies of intensification of gendered subordination, decomposition of gendered subordination and decomposition of gendered subordination
globalization organized collective activity to bring about or resist fundamental change in an existing structure of status quo. civil rights movement, labour movement, feminist movement, #BlackLivesMatter
identity difference social movements are not discrete events, they can be traced in time with actors drawing on resources that are available to leverage movement goals. Political opportunity such as state openness and role of elite in specific context affect social movements
solidarity landmark supreme court decision that legalized abortion
Barbara Ryan argues identity is central through solidarity and contestation in movements
every day life networks radical feminists formed collective identities on basis of sisterhood
woman's rights as collective activity offered universities federal funding is they offered woman equal opportunity including in sports, and graduate school programs
Staggenborg & Taylor argue because social movements look at political action and public, they neglect ways in which social movements are formed in families and schools. important to look at social movements as interaction between state and society, social movements build community and influence a cultural understanding, change organizational structure that are not state structure.
new social movements  woman of colour have challenged white woman for universalizing identity of woman. trans and bisexual woman historically excluded from feminist circles
political process theory resources are unequally distributed across different nations creating an enlarging gap between developing and developed countries
resource mobilization theory population will band together as a result of alienation from authoritarian regimes
relative deprivation theory practice of exclusion and exploitation as factory labour is made cheaper because of assumptions made about how woman work such as being docile and disciplined or having nimble fingers naturally.
mass society theory linked to growing divorce rates and also impacted abortion rights
collective behaviour theory social movements emerge from psychological process of feeling negative discrepancy between 1) understanding rights and privileges, 2) inability to attain rights and privileges through conventional means in comparison to others in society
social movement upending tradition from boardroom to bedroom

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