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Match the corresponding words and descriptions.

Low TSH and normal TH Encourage smoking cessation
Most common cause of hyperthyroidism Propylthiouracil
Low TSH and high TH Iodine
Hyperreflexia  Diagnostic for hyperthyroidism
Dermopathy Subclinical hyperthyroidism
Used for diagnosing Graves disease Agranulocytosis
Thyroid storm  Neurological manifestation of hyperthyroidism
Complication of Graves disease  Pretibial myxedema
Anyithyroid medication indicated for pregnancy  NSAIDs
Possible complication of anti-thyroid medications  Worsening hyperthyroid state
Contraindicated with hyperthyroidism  Heart Failure
Should be given at least one hour after anti-thyroid meds Liver injury
Propylthiouracil adverse effect  Graves Disease
Follow-up monitoring  RAIU scan and serum TRAb
Non-pharmacological intervention  Check hormone levels every 4-6 weeks

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