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Locomotor apparatus thick fibrous membrane covering the outer surface of bone, deep layer is able to produce bone tissue
Skeletal system shorts bones with irregular shape, not in pairs, found on median plant (vertebrae)
Axial skeleton soft substance rich in vessels which occupies all the bone cavities
Appendicular skeleton  body system compost of bones and cartilage, supports the body, facilitates movement, protects internal organs, produces blood cells
Long bone   part of the skeleton that consists of the skull, vertebral column, ribs and sternum
Short bone cavities in the newly bones are created by special cells or humeral dissolution = spongy tissue and the diploe
Flat bone no fat, almost liquid. Replaces the yellow marrow in old/very thin people
Irregular bone rich in fat cells, not hematogenic, in the medullary cavity of long bones and in spongy tissue
Bone tissue bone tissue is derived from a connect fibrous tissue template
Periosteum 1 dimension outweighs the others, have a medullary canal, found in limbs (humerus)
Cartilage tissue connective tissue cells become osteoblassts and are arranged layer by layer, gradually transforming the extracellular matrix in bone matrix that fixes minerals = lamellar bone
Bone marrow  musculoskeletal system which enables movement
Fetal/red marrow bone tissue is derived from a connective cartilaginous tissue template
Yellow marrow  cuboid, found in limbs (carpal)
Grey marrow no blood vessels, fed by imbibition, cartilage matrix, extracellular component is type-2-collagen and cellular component made of chondrocytes and chondroblasts
Vessels and nerves   Bones that support the appendages, bones of the limbs
Intramembranous ossificaiton passive body of the locomotor apparatus, attachment point for muscles that move it, protection of sensitive organs, reserves of mobile minerals, producer of blood cells
Endochrondral ossification  hematogenic and osteogenic, in adult vertebral bodies ect in spongy tissue
Osteogenesis  special connective tissue originated from the embryonic mesoderm. Cellular component with osteocytes and osteoblasts and extracellular component with type-1-collagen
Osteolysis  2 dimensions outweighs the other, found at the belt of limbs (scapula)
Bone functions each bone has a nutrinet foramen, through witch enters a nutrient artery. The nutrient artery moves through a nutrient canal to reach the medullary cavity or spongy bones at which it branches

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