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General arthrology

Locomotor apparatus diarthrosis, joint capsule including an outer fibrous and an inner synovial membrane that secretes the synovial fluid. Articular cartilage
Articular system more than two bones (fermoro-tibia-patella joint)
Fibrous joint  syndesmosis and symphysis
Cartilaginous joint  joint is closed at the sagital plane
Ossified over time  extra-articular synovial diverticulum that is generally located where the fibrous membrane is thinner or absent
Not ossified over time connective tissue band that connects 2 bones or cartilage together
Synovial joint  translation only
Simple  connects a bone to a muscle
Compound suture and synchrondrosis
Spheroid/ ball and socket musculoskeletal system which enables movement
Saddle  similar to an articular recess (but at the synovial vagina). It is developed where the tendinous sheath is thin or absent
Condylar  3 axis of movement (coxofemoral joint)
Hinge a joint is the connection made between bones in the body which links the skeletal system into a functional whole
Pivot  2 axis of movement (carpus joint)
Plane joint is open at the sagital plane
Ligament  1 axis of movement (rotate)
Tendon segment is pushed away from the medial plane
Articular recess/pouch  two bones (scapulo-humeral joint)
Tendinous recess/pouch  lateral rotation of the antebrachial segment
Flexion synarthrosis, no articular cartilage, suture and syndesmosis
Extension special type of condylar joint (elbow joint)
Abduction segment is moved closer to the medial plant
Adduction amphiarthrosis, no articular cartilage, synchrondrosis and symphysis
Pronation medial rotation of the antebrachial segment
Supanation 1 axis of movement (femoro-tibiral joint)

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