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General Myology

Locomotor apparatus fibrous connective tissue membrane that surrounds a muscle group
Muscular system attached to the skeleton and is responsible for voluntary movement which is controlled by the somatic nervous system
Smooth muscle consists of skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscles, enables the body to move, maintain posture and circulate blood
Cardiac muscle connects a muscle to a bone
Skeletal muscle transverse reinfrocement of some tendinous sheaths that are aligned on the same place
Function flex, extend, abduct, adduct, pronate, supinate, rotate, tense, dilate, depress, elevate
Tendon form the cardiac wall in association with connective tissue and nervous tissue and is regulated by the autonomic nervous system
Bursa extra-synovial sheath diverticulum that is generally located where the fibrous membrane is thinner or absent
Tendinous sheath  flattened tendon covering the muscle
Fascia synovial vesicular cavity that allows shifting/sliding of a mobile organ on a surface
Aponeurosis part of the vessel wall, responsible for involuntary movement which is controlled by the automatic nervous system
Retinaculum musculoskeletal system which enables movement

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