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10 Golden Rules of Business Ethics

Mashatola N.J

This crossword puzzle contains 10 questions relating to Business Ethics.

1. The ability of military personnel to perform given task properly, distracting knowledge, skills and behaviour Honesty
2. Respecting a set of rules that restrict military personnel from unauthorized dissemination of information Respect
3. Being persistently friendly, polite, well-mannered and considerate towards others Trustworthy
4. Fulfilling an assigned task, being dependable and reliable when called upon service delivery Competent
5. Quality of service by military personnel which exceed ordinary standard Courteousness
6. A military personnel's positive feeling of esteem about the organisation developed over time and can be lost through inconsiderate actions Excellence
7. An ethical soldier live and lead by Confidentiality
8. Behaviour of military personnel acting within prescribed moral or ethical codes in line with the generally accepted code of conduct or rules Example
9. Behaving in an ethical way that portrays 'nobility' of soul Honourable
10. Aspect of moral character that indicates truthfulness, loyalty and sincerity Ethical

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