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Marketing - Chap 2 Terms

Chap 2 Terms

1planning _____the process of determining an organization's long-term primary objectives and adopting courses of action that will achieve these objectives
2marketing planning _____the overall process of anticipating conditions and determining the best way to achieve organizational objectives
3strategic planning _____a written plan that outlines the strategic marketing goals of an organization
4tactical planning _____the process devoted specifically to achieving marketing objectives
5operational planning _____an important strategic planning tool that helps managers analyze the internal and external environment to assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
6marketing plan _____key business units within diversified firms
7Porter's five forces _____defines how activities specified in the strategic plan will be implemented.
8SWOT analysis _____a portfolio analysis framework that enables managers to plot the relative position of each business unit, brand, or product on the basis of industry growth rate and relative market share
9strategic business units (SBUs) _____five competitive forces that influence planning strategies
10Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix _____where managers develop specific programs to meet goals in their area of responsibility.

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