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Marketing - Chap 4 Terms

1e-business _____conflicts between producers, wholesalers, and retailers
2e-commerce _____the overall experience customers have when visiting a website
3digital marketing _____the percentage of visitors to a website who make a purchase (#purchase/#visitors)
4interactive marketing _____how much time users spend on the site and which pages they visit
5business-to-business (B2B) _____delivering more relevant marketing messages to customers based on event triggers
6extranets _____a secure website where a company and its suppliers share all types of data, from product design through order delivery
7intranets _____the process of marketing goods and services over the internet by utilizing digital tools
8private exchange _____a high-tech scam that uses e-mail or pop-up messages that claim to be from familiar businesses or even government agencies
9business-to-consumer (B2C) _____percentage of users who click on an ad (#ad clicks/#ad impressions/views)
10encryption _____secure networks used for e-business and accessible through the firm's website by external customers, suppliers, or other authorized users
11phishing _____the total cost of each sale (cost per click/conversion rate)
12channel conflicts _____the buying and selling of products online
13user experience (UX) _____the process of encoding data for security purposes
14revenue maximization _____secure internal networks that help companies share information among employees, no matter the number or location
15unique visitors _____using the internet to provide services to customers and communicate with employees and business partners
16engagement _____business conducted directly between a business and a consumer
17conversion rate _____the number of individuals who visit a website (new potential customers)
18click-through rate (CTR) _____website strategies designed to: increase the size of each customer transaction, encourage repeat visits by the customer
19conversion cost _____transactions that happen between organizations

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