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Marketing - Chap 15 Terms

distribution channels marketing intermediary who takes title to the goods, stores them in warehouses, and distributes them to retailers, other distributors, and sometimes end consumers
direct channel the management of finished product storage, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and customer service
direct selling an organization that operates between producers and consumers to help bring the product to market
marketing intermediary seeks to distribute a product through all available retailers in a trade area
wholesalers or palletizing, combining as many packages as possible into each load that moves within or outside a facility
sales agent the management of raw materials, inbound logistics, and warehouse and storage facilities
vertical integration when a firm chooses only a limited number of retailers in a market area to handle its line
dual distribution disagreements among channel members at different levels
reverse channels a third-arty person or company who represents the producer to wholesales and retailers
horizontal conflict the process of combining several unitized loads into a single, well-protected load
vertical conflict carries goods directly from a producer to the ultimate user
distribution intensity when a producer assumes control over functions that were previously handled by an intermediary
intensive distribution a marketing tactic in which a producer establishes direct sales contact with its product's final users
selective distribution the movement of products through two or more channels to reach the firm's target market
exclusive distribution the number or percentage of intermediaries (usually retailers) through which a manufacturer distributes its goods in a particular market
supply chain when a producer sells to only a small numb of retailers or grants exclusive rights to a wholesaler or retailer to sell its products in a specific geographic region
upstream management the individuals and organizations who manage the flow of product from producers to consumers
downstream management channels designed to return goods to their producers
radio frequency identification (RFID) a tiny chip with identification information is placed on an item. That chip can then be read by a radio frequency scanner from a distance, making tracking easier
enterprise resource planning (ERP) system an integrated software package that consolidates data from among the firm's units
unitizing utilizing a combination of transport modes to improve customer service and achieve cost advantages
containerization disagreements among channel members at the same level, such as two or more wholesalers or retailers
intermodal operations the complete sequence of suppliers and activities that contribute to the creation an delivery of goods and services

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