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Marketing - Chap 16 Terms

retailing a broad concept that includes direct mail, direct selling, online retailing, online retailing, direct-response retailing, and automatic merchandising
atmospherics stores that sell mainly groceries, but also a wide selection of items in other categories
showrooming the physical characteristics and amenities that attract customers and satisfy their shopping needs
planned shopping centers stores that combine carefully defined prduct lines, services, and reputations in attempts to persuade consumers to expend considerable effort to shop at their stores
convenience retailers stores that appeal to customers by having accessible locations, extended store hours, rapid checkout service, and adequate parking
specialty retailers when a customer examines and compares products at a store, then buys the product through an online retailer
general merchandise retailers the activities involved in selling merchandise to consumers
supermarkets stores that carry a wide variety of product lines stocked in some depth and distinguish themselves from specialty retailers by the large number of product lines they carrry
direct marketing a group of retail stores designed, coordinated, and marketed to shoppers in a geographic trade area

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