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Marketing - Chap 17 Terms

integrated marketing communications (IMC) demand for a specific brand based on attributes important to potential purchasers
promotional mix the coordination of all promotional activities to produce a unified, customer-focused promotional message
advertising the use of direct communications to generate a response in the form of an order, a request for further communication, or a visit to a place of business
personal selling source of the message communicated to the receiver
sales promotion frms of interference with the transmission of a message that reduce its effectiveness
direct marketing a series of different but related ads that use a single theme and appear in different media within a specified time period
public relations a seller's promotional presentation conducted person-to-person with a buyer
publicity choosing a form of media for advertising
guerrilla marketing marketing activities that provide a short-term incentive to make a purchase
sender advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, and public relations
message when marketing partners share the cost of a promotional campaign that meets their mutual needs
AIDA concept the steps consumers take in reaching a purchase decision
encoding the receiver's interpretation of the message
decoding a firm's communications and relationships with its various stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, stockholders, employees, the government, and the general public
feedback translating a message into understandable terms and transmitting it through a communications channel
noise paid, nonpersonal communication through various mass media channels
channel using unconventional, innovative, and low-cost techniques to attract consumers' attention
selective demand the medium for delivering a message, such as a salesperson, a PR outlet, a website, or an advertising medium
primary demand an aspect of public relations where marketers seek unpaid placement of news about the company or a product in mass media or on social media
advertising campaign an approach that emphasizes advertising messages within direct or indirect comparisons to dominant brands in the industry
comparative advertising the receiver's response to a message
media selection a communication of information
cross-promotion seek to build demand for a product category, not for a particular brand within that category

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