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Marketing - Chap 18 Terms

personal selling the number of sales representatives who report to first-level sales managers
over-the-counter selling expressions of resistance by the prospect
field selling when entrants must complete a specific task to be eligible to win a prize
telemarketing when the buyer has the opportunity to try out or otherwise see how a product works before purchasing
outbound telemarketing financial incentives offered to wholesalers and retailers that purchase or promote specific products
inbound telemarketing sales calls made at the prospective customer's location on a face-to-face basis
inside selling sales promotion that appeals to distribution intermediaries rather than final consumers
prospecting encourage repurchases by rewarding current users, boosting sales of complementary products, and increasing impulse purchases
qualifying person-to-person promotional presentation to a buyer
approach when the selling process in conducted by phone
precall planning when the consumer is offered cash back for sending in proof of purchase
presentation display or other promotion placed near the site of the actual buying decision
demonstration free distribution of a product in an attempt to obtain future sales
objections marketing activities other than personal selling, advertising, and publicity designed t enhance consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness
closing specified sales or profit targets that the firm expects salespeople to achieve
span of control determining whether the prospect meets certain criteria for making a purchase
commmission when consumer is offered discounts on the purchase price of goods and services at retail outlets
salary a fixed payment made periodically to an employee
sales quotas selling in retail or wholesale locations in which customers come to the seller's place of business
sales promotion when any consumer can enter to be eligible for a prize
coupons when an advertiser's message or logo is placed on useful articles that are distributed to target consumers
rebates sales method in which sales personnel contact potential buyers by phone
sampling product exhibitions organized by industry trade associations to showcase goods and services
contests sales method in which prospects call a seller to obtain information, makes reservations, or purchase products
sweepstakes the initial contact with the prospective customer
specialy advertising descriving a product's benefits and relating them to the customer's problems or needs
consumer-oriented sales promotions the process of inbound sales management utilizing phone, mail, and the internet
trade promotion the point at which the salesperson asks the prospect for an order
trade allowances the process of conducting research and gathering information before a sales call
point-or-purchase advertising the process of identifying potential customers
trade shows a pament tied directly to the sales or profits a salesperson achieves

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