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CAI Roles and Responsibilties


This puzzle helps agents learn and remember some of the most common roles in CAI and their corresponding responsibilities

1All employees _____Plays major and key roles in both selling our services and providing strategic work. Expected to be able to generate most of their own work based on network of industry contacts and provide work to others in their discipline. Provides significant suppot with respect to quality system, knowledge management and services definition and delivery in their area of expertise. Expected to provide timely and relevant industry subject information to the copmany through internal distrubtion channels, deliver internal training and contribute to our store of knowledge.
2SME (Subject Matter Expert) _____Responsible for establishing, growing and leading a select set of services delivered to a particular market segment. They have authority to discuss services, general costs, billing rates with potential customers. They do not develop and manage large teams but they work with regions to develop regional capabilities to deliver services. They may have a small cadre of senior individuals who report to them and who are discipline leads or senior consultants
3CVP (Continental Vice President _____Keeps current in their area of expertise. Contributes to CAI Quality System,. Contributes to the development and continuous improvement of the appropriate CAI qualification courses and learning paths, contributes to CAI knowledge sharing, Conducts internal qualification checkouts and training for areas of expertise, Availbae to provide peer reviews for deliverable sand technical documents, reports to regional manager of their home region.
4CM (Client Manager) _____Ensures coverage for all persons resident in their area. Allocates resources between customer sites within their area. Responsible for sufficiently trained and qualified personnel to deliver awarded and anticipated services based on service mix and specific client needs. Develops and executes an annual business plan to include trade shows and other marketing events in their area. Supports CMs when closing major sales, Approves Professional Society participation in support of marketing campaigns. Responsible for providing input to and reviewing individual professional development plans.
5BAL (Business Area Lead) _____They have the responsibility and authority to ensure all project performed for their clients are performed in a safe and consistent manner in accordance with client policies and procedures and any master contracts in effect.
6PM (Project Manager) _____Has the authority and responsibility to direct the accomplishment of the scope of work as defined within a proposal, contract or similar document. Responsible for project safety per SP-01.
7DL (Discipline Lead) _____Serve clients on a variety of projects. Undertakes professional development and participates in professional societies and events. Describes services and capabilities to clients but does not have the authority to commit the company to work.
8RM (Regional Manager) _____Responsible for the conduct and P&L of business in their geographic region. Approve proposals within their geographic area. Works with Director of Operations and Safety and applicable RMs to ensure projects are executed with high quality. Reports to the COO

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