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Match the generic drug names with its brand name

sodium phosphate  normodyne (beta blocker)
ondansetron cymbalta (urinary problems)
prochlorperazine qualaquin (antimalaria)
promethazine ditropan / oxytrol (urinary problems)
quinine minipress (prostatic diuretic)
interferon alfa-2a inderal (beta blocker)
interferon alfa-2b bumex (loop diuretic)
lamivudine proscar (prostatic disease)
epoetin alfa, erythropoietin tenormin (beta blocker)
folic acid  betapace (beta blocker)
iron dextron aldactone (potassium sparing diuretic)
iron sucrose interferon A (hepatitis drugs)
pyridoxine zebeta (beta blocker)
cyclosporine esidrix (thiazide diuretic)
duloxetine  lasix (loop diuretic)
oxybutynin fleet phospho-soda (bowl evacuant)
mannitol sandimmune (renal transplant drug)
spironolactone osmitrol (osmotic diuretic)
triamterene nitrolingual / nitrostat (nitrate)
finasterde venofer (renal disease)
prazosin verelan (calcium channel blocker)
tamsulosin vitamine B9 (renal disease)
bumetanide compazine (phenothazine)
furosemide zofran (seretonin receptor antagonist)
hydrochlorothiazide HCTZ norvasc (calcium channel blocker)
atenolol INFeD (renal disease)
bisoprolol phenergan (phenothazine)
carvedilol referon A (hepatitis drugs)
labetalol vitamine B6 (renal disease)
metoprolol epivir (hepatitis drugs)
propranolol flomax (prostatic disease)
sotalol epogen / procrit (renal disease)
nitroglycerin lopressor / troprol XL (beta blocker)
amlodipine procardia (calcium channel blocker)
diltiazem dyrenium (potassium sparing diuretic)
nifedipine cardizem (calcium channel blocker)
verpamil coreg (beta blocker)

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