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Station Codes 1


Station Codes 1

ACA Birmingham, AL
ACC Acapulco, Mexico
ALB Aruba
ABQ Austin, TX
ABE Athens, Greece
AMS Calagary, Canada
ANC Allentown, PA
AUA Albuquerque, NM
ATH Albany, NY
ATL Baton Rogue, LA
AUS Barbados
BWI Bangor, ME
BGR Boise, ID
BGI Bozeman, MT
BCN Accra, Ghana
BTR Amsterdam, Netherlands
BZE Bermuda
BDA Atlanta, Georgia
BIL Anchorage, AK
BHM Belize City, Belize
BIS Burlington, VT
BOG Buenos Aires, Argentina
BOI Bismark, ND
BZN Cabo, San Lucas
BRU Brussels, Belgium
BUD Bogota, Colombia
EZE Barcelona, Spain
BUF Baltimore, MD
BTV Billings, MT
SJD Buffalo, NY
YYC Budapest, Hungary

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