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Station Codes 2


GCM Grand Cayman Islands
FRA Daytona Beach, FL
RSW Chicago, (Midway) IL
FNT Fort Meyers, FL
FAR Dakar, Senegal
FAI Cozumel, Mexico
YEG Deusseldorf, Germany
DLH Cincinnati, OH
DUB Colorado Springs, CO
DUS Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
DTW Columbia, SC
DSM Dallas (Love Field), TX
DEN Dublin, Ireland
DAB Columbas, OH
DAY Charleston, WV
DFW Cancun, Mexico
DAL Fairbanks, AK
DKR Flint, MI
CZM Denver, CO
CPH Des Moines, IA
CMH Detroit, MI
CAE Duluth, MN
COS Fargo, ND
CLE Charleston, SC
CRW Charlotte, NC
CVG Edmonton, Canada
ORD  Cleveland, OH
MDW Copenhagen, Denmark
CLT Frankfurt, Germany
CHS Chicago, (O'Hare) IL
CUN Dayton, OH

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