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from: FCOG

Unscramble & return to Michelle Weikert with your name on here!

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nr leascamseu ache ost
isn sht au oyasm t olfcawi lirr
ascm oms ny msltsik uwagasnai i
ayaiooeah rhet hr d w u
irtd lmueetlorb ym
s rys tefnoaownmht
nnigsth eitl
msttetlreisrirhveml oaesh afyr lac y u
d ls 'adis tooitucbyeb
hi mtf b l'eoireacmoss lhr
ttikaoir le islo nkit cgtsob nsno 'h imaelg
blljg iselne
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s l weontit
hefa f muoyeli t l,loca
tos wttyhso'mifotif luerr edema e he n t
rsito tere uacr'cea nndtkmhhosi r
lntoh i hyog
snt iatitlnki lce
hap oceoht i ceseseommla smrrf
iev lbsrsell
dtrnoedi erdepushn-o rredel he
tenw inlnwaddroer
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e hmswcsratitih
tshi' acds kstor o tneyhwim
ll lsmih yrcsoatyjohl
muatpar tscoors hanhi i fppsom twai
ke jeocllbl irng

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