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Puzzle Author Score Views
The Industrial RevolutionKarlan Eberhardtrec=-116023
WWI Crossword puzzleDe'lissa Relacionrec=-1/114176
Ancient Roman Crossword PuzzleTess Cottomrec=-2/511344
1920sTobe Buffenbargerrec=-8/78793
The Cold WarMs. Gasperonirec=-3/116837
Chapter 18 Crossword PuzzleKlostermannrec=-1/46724
Crossword of the RenaissanceMichael Corleonerec=-1/26055
United States Government Crossword PuzzleVincent Griffinrec=-5/75646
Great Depression CrosswordSamantha Brockerrec=-2/75030
Gilded AgeJeffrey Palmeirorec=-1/14737
U. S. History Taks PuzzleMr. C4146
France, Austria, and Russia: Age of AbsolutismT. Stormrec=24057
Oedipus the King, and the History of Ancient GreeceMagda Robakrec=-8/63916
Chapter 3 Crossword PuzzleU.S. History/1rec=13796
World History Review Crossword 3772
The Roman Empire CrosswordKevin,Justinrec=-1/13716
Causes of WWIIMike Sanchezrec=-23715
The Rise of Totalitarian LeadersWalter J. Frazier, M.A. Ed.3279
Middle AgesBL3224
Andrew JacksonMr. Wheelerrec=-33224
New ImperialismMs. Sutclifferec=-2/23202
1920's slangAnnie Horsman3044
Black HistoryJoe and Thomas2867
Chapter 11 - The Muslim WorldMs. Katzrec=12815
Colonization of AfricaShari Baldockrec=-3/32730
1760-1865Leah Hiter2716
PompeiiMrs. Spillerrec=12606
The Cold WarMot Nellarec=-4/62595
World War II rec=-7/162587
French RevolutionJack Ellstonrec=12556
Christopher Columbus Facts 2483
The French-Indian WarMartin Haferrec=12473
1920s rec=22453
Feudalism in JapanCarla Yaxley2439
Byzantine Empire and The ChurchSusan Wilesrec=-2/32407
Industrial and Agricultural Revolution rec=-3/62390
Vocabulary - The Boston Tea PartyMrs. Hartwigrec=-1/22389
The Great DepressionKunal Sinharec=-5/12363
19th Century Reformers Crossword PuzzleCaleb Ervenrec=-12346
Aztec and Renaissance HistoryHaileybury College2317
Parts of a CastleK. Steelerec=-3/32280
America, Land I Love Review 1Sara Hargisrec=-12278
Early Civilizations of AfricaJeremy Rambarranrec=12264
The Scientific RevolutionHazel Knutt2219
Military LeadersJonathan Kim2215
1781 ~ 1850James Leerec=-12215
Anne Frank Crossword PuzzleSandra Kuerec=-12208
Ancient Rome rec=-1/12205
Chapter 20 CrosswordAnida Sundara2200
The Industrial RevolutionNatasha Elanderrec=22193
History of Africa from 500bc-1650bcMr. Snarey2184
World War II VocabularyAmber White2107
Civil WarKen Nelsonrec=-3/42100
American RevolutionMegan Kocherrec=-2/42093
Russian Czars Increase PowerPam and Karlan2082
The Legacy of the RenaissanceSection 5 Crossword Puzzlerec=-22062
Burma Shave!Timmy Misiura2061
Italy: Birthplace of the Renaissanceby Rudy Wakening2055
Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492Mrs. Wiedowerrec=12046
Chapter 12 Americn History 2040
Kansas History-Indians & ExplorersName:__________________________________2037
Middle Ages Crossword PuzzleBrendan Hickeyrec=22025
Anne Frank Vocab. Act 1Michelle Gouletrec=-12016
WWIIPatrick Salbaing2010
Crazy YearVenice Wong2007
Honors U.S. History ReviewSteffen1988
50 states joined the unionDeeJ1980
All About AdolfH. History1978
WWI ReviewMs.Vasallo's American History1978
Gold rush termsAlexandra Korec=11971
History of ChocolateT. Williamsrec=11969
Chief Joseph of the Nez PerceMr. Jay Nielsen1960
1920-1929 American Cultural HistoryNicky Sargentrec=-11954
Dividing North America rec=11953
US HistorySteven Edwards1950
The confederation and the constitution, 1776-1790Trinity1945
The Magna Carta 1921
Spanish and Native Americans 1917
World War II VocabularyAmber Whiterec=-1/61910
Inca VocabularyGracie Rupprec=31907
Dark AgesSteven Kingdon1891
The Union in PerilLindsy Fagerstrom1886
World War TwoJacob Fast1886
The ConstitutionRobert Knapprec=-1/51884
U. S. HistoryVirginia Harris1876
Chapter 14 Vocabulary PuzzleKlostermann1863
The Puzzle of ImperialismBy Mr. Frawleyrec=11859
Civil WarChristina Quinlan1842
The World of the Castle 1834
Introduction to Post WWI AmericaMr. Citarella1816
World HistoryTaylor Roop1814
Julius CaesarRyan J, Raven A, Shama D, Sean O, Matt T.rec=-1/51786
Slavery PuzzlerErin Vaethrec=-1/11785
World War Two- Begining to Turning PointsNewton1778
Medieval TimesErin Johnsonrec=-11767
Greek and Helenistic ContributionsMr. Bergin1754
Unit Vocabulary CrosswordSophie Cannon1753
Ancient IndiaShaun1752
Totalitarianism in Europe after WWIMrs. Warner1742
Worth Fighting ForRebecca Alaniz1740
French Revolution CrosswordMehlrec=-5/21734
Alabama in ConflictNgina Duvra1732
The Battles of the Western Front GCSE 1726
Constitution & FederalistShannon, Amanda, & Crystal1725
Important People, Places, and Dates to the RevolutionEvolutionary Revolutionary Magazinerec=11723
The Vietnam ConflictMacleanrec=-11723
Europe's Early Middle AgesRachel Chien1704
IndiaBautista & Villanueva1700
Statue Of LibertyJenny Lee1692
Discovering AmericaJim Webbrec=11687
Civil WarJulia Young1683
Civil WarBilly Garrison1681
History 101--Greeks and RomansJudy Marksrec=-11676
Renaissance ChallengeKendra Stevensonrec=-1/11671
U.S. constitutionCandyrec=21667
Taylor's Crossword PuzzlesTaylor1665
The Civil War and the Battle of GettysburgMr. Melchiorrerec=-1/11664
Who killed whom?Dr. Turnerrec=11659
The Tribes of Roman BritainDylan Garges1657
Counties in Michigan with Native American namesMrs. Loachridge1655
History PuzzleMarion McLean and Jake Petty1655
US History 1Miss Savagerec=11646
Federalist Period CrosswordMs Szeligarec=11641
Southeast AsiaAriel Cook1635
Julius CaesarBy: Amber Harbin1633
Revolution in England and North AmericaAmanda Leal1631
Progressive PresidentsDeb Johnrec=11630
John F KennedyAshley Payne and Mayra Martinezrec=-11629
Manifest DestinyMr. Kramlich1629
American Revolution ReviewJessie Hamptonrec=51623
Honors History pgs 125-136Camba1622
The New DealEmily McCormickrec=-2/41615
Medieval TimesMr. Mikrut1613
The Native Peoples of CanadaMs. Ravensbergen1612
the woodland indianskim reese1610
Pirates!Martin Haferrec=11602
Native Americans of North AmericaMrs. Avery1591
Who's who of The Civil WarChad McGonagle1589
History CrosswordLogan Prinz1587
Final Exam ReviewMR. E.L. HOLTrec=11586
GovernmentJosh Kittlerec=21585
Golden Ages of Greece and RomeMark Bays1580
Roman Empire rec=-11575
The American Revolutionby Ella Vador1574
Typographic LayoutErich Shelton1569
Road to the Civil War rec=21568
historyVeronica Burgess1568
Going WestMangrove Productionsrec=-1/11564
Typography HistoryErich Sheltonrec=11559
Chapter SixCody Burliss1546
52 Famous WomenRobyne Edwards1542
Constitution's SignersJulie Nichols1539
The Civil WarAlvin Mathewrec=11537
Jewish American HistoryMichelle1533
Ah..... HistoryHeather Amparano1522
Social 20 Theme OneJilene Schafers1522
Ancient Greece and RomeLawrence Rowswell1517
Unit ThreeJosh Altman1516
Marco PoloSophierec=-11516
Thomas PaineZach Cramer1515
Chapter 6 TermsKatie Schweizerrec=-11509
Pirates!Ms. Johnson1499
chapter 4 key termsklostermann1497
AGS World History CH 2 VocabularyMs. Kris1485
Code TalkerJoseph Bruchacrec=-11475
The Norman ConquestChelsie Keenan1470
History #3Heather1470
The Cultures of Central AsiaKrisynda Mathis / Shaliese Johnson1460
Game for VocabLuke Pentecostrec=-11457
Empires and Cultures of the AmericasLeslie Briggsrec=-11454
Roman BathsTeale Figgis1451
Women In HistoryBy Louise Jett1447
Hellenistic Aetataureate: 335-146 B.CConrad Jalowski1442
London 1439
Chapter 2 PuzzleMichael Nguyen1436
Henry VIIVicky MacKinnon1436
vocabularyKendall Gilbert1431
War Between the StatesJoshua Rivenbark & Gregory Hauptman1430
Ch. 10 Crazy IndependenceKaley Carter1427
People of the Civil WarBy: Amanda Osborn1426
Ch 10 VocabularyKlostermann1422
Union Star Crosswordhunter gullett1421
Chapter 8 & 9 VocabularySophie Cannon1417
Welcome back to the 60's 1417
Ottoman Empire and Qing ChinaFry1412
Social Security 1411
The Revolution AND War of 1812M. Haferrec=-11410
The Muslim ExpansionM Hough1386
Peloponnesian War rec=-11386
Native American Tribes 1220
Marine Corps HistoryMr. Forbes973
The Treaty of WaitangiS & D co.865
Thomas Edison QuotesCher Adams744
Social Studies Vocabulary Words PuzzleJoey Leerec=-2685
Germany: 1924-1929IGCSE History683
U.S. state mottos 471
The PresidentsSt Mary Mom456
CharlemagneDerek DeRooy452
Cold War TermsTristan Walker433
Cold War Test ReviewMr. Schirallirec=-1414
Causes of the Civil WarPreston Brooks407
Historie - 1349 - 1750Karianne Røssland377
Chapter 8 The Muslim EmpiresDr. Reimer359
Vietnam War Homework 163

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