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User listed word match puzzles

These puzzles were made available by the people who made them for you to use. The listing is created every few minutes.

Note that nobody but the author has reviewed these puzzles. Hopefully the authors understand that people of all ages come through here, and only list puzzles of general interest with appropriate language, but that isn't always the case. Let me know if you see an inappropriate puzzle, or better yet, just hit the "Unrecommend" puzzle with each puzzle. If I see a puzzle with an undue number of unrecommend votes, I look at the puzzle and may choose to remove it from the publically listed set of puzzles.

These puzzles are broken down into the following categories. Look at these categories for the puzzles.

You can also view the user listed puzzles as a chronological list.

(46) Adult Education
(48) Anatomy -- The structure of living things
(15) Animals
(18) Art
(7) Astronomy
(6) Australia
(3) Aviation
(48) Biology
(49) Business
(4) Canada
(2) Cars
(15) Chemistry
(2) China
(3) Civics
(1) Clothing and fashion
(6) Communications
(28) Computers
(10) Earth Science
(21) Economics
(2) Egypt
(2) England
(71) English as a second language [Beginner] [Updated]
(1) Estonia
(9) Fiction
(19) French
(47) Geography
(9) German
(1) Greece
(94) Health [Updated]
(241) History
(2) Hobbies
(6) Holidays
(2) Holland / Dutch
(1) Ireland
(4) Italy
(15) Japanese
(5) Latin language
(7) Latvia
(15) Legal
(59) Literature
(3) Lithuania
(38) Math
(2) Mechanical Engineering
(25) Puzzles that don't fit anywhere else
(5) Movies
(15) Music
(7) Mythology
(233) none [Updated]
(42) Nursing
(1) Philippines
(7) Physics
(4) Poetry
(5) Politics
(20) Pyschology
(88) Religion
(21) Russian
(125) Science
(3) Scouting
(12) Sociology
(3) Space
(106) Spanish
(16) Sports
(5) Television
(9) Theatre
(236) Vocabulary
(21) Workplace

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