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Ancient Egypt Crossword Puzzle

Ms. Orozco

1 2 3     4   5  
6             7
  9           10  
  16 17        

3.Ruler of Egypt, the social class at the top of the social pyramid.
6.An Egyptian god depicted with the head of a falcon. Represented a solar god and son of Osiris and Isis.
8.Fertile area of land, triangle-shaped, made from soil deposited by a river.
9.Huge stone tombs with four triangle shaped sides that met in a point on the top.
11.The most famous pharaoh from the old kingdom. His tomb is the great pyramid of Giza.
12.1st king of the first dynasty of ancient Egypt.
14.Strong river rapids. Made it difficult to cross and continue traveling down the river.
15.The goddess of fertility, sister, and wife of Osiris.
17.Specially treated bodies wrapped in cloth to help prevent the body from rotting, or decomposing.
18.Longest river in the world. Over 4,000 miles from central Africa to the Mediterranean Sea.
19.The city regarded as the "cultural center" of ancient Egypt
20.A major god worshiped as the creative power.
21.The social class in ancient Egypt that were trained in writting. Scribes recorded information in hieroglyphics; the ancient Egyptian writing system.
1.Egyptian god of wisdom, learning and magik.
2.The Egyptian god of death and resurrection and the renewing vitality and fertility of nature.
4.The sun god of ancient Egypt.
5.A period of ancient Egypt that can be most remembered for the massive stone pyramids.
7.An attendant spirit believed to be dwelling as a vital force in a man or statue.
10.Series of rulers from the same family
13.Reigned as pharaoh, although she was female. Dressed in men's clothing and prefered to be treated as a man. Records of her reign were erased from her tomb.
16.Egypt was isolated, or seperated, by two large _________ which protected it from invaders.
18.A social class that was formed from rich and powerful families. They made up the educated class: Architects, lawyers, government officials and were usually related tot he king, or pharaoh.

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