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1916 - 'All's changed, changed utterly'

Ms. Wall

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3.Nickname of the IRB
6.This reduced the power of the House of Lords. (2 Words)
7.Leader of the Volunteers.
9.A rebellion which was doomed to fail, and in which many would die. (2 Words)
10.British army officers refused to enforce Home Rule in Ulster. (2 Words)
12.Leader of the Ulster Unionist Council
16.Military commander of the 1916 Rising
18.This was founded in 1884 to promote Irish games
19.Founder of Sinn Fein
22.Political party who took a policy of "Killing Home Rule with Kindness"
23.When employers shut businesses until workers left their union.
24.Leader of Sinn Fein after 1916 (2 Words)
26.Volunteers landed guns here
27.Set up to prevent Home Rule by using force if necessary
1.Former leader of the Home Rule Movement
2.Read the Proclamation of the Irish Republic on the steps of the GPO for the first time
4.People who wanted more freedom for Ireland.
5.The newspaper set up by the Gaelic League. (3 Words)
8.Forged paper which claimed that the leaders of the Volunteers were to be arrested (2 Words)
11.Former British officer who obtained guns and supplies for the IRB from Germany. (2 Words)
13.Commander of the British forces in Dublin. (2 Words)
14.Supporters of the Act of Union
15.Where all able men aged 18 or over are forced to join their country's army.
17.The ITGWU was set up by this man.
20.An organisation set up to protect workers and their families from employers and the police.
21.Organisation who opposed violence and wanted some links kept between Ireland and Britain. (2 Words)
25.The capture of this boat marked the first setback for the Military Council of the Rising.

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