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Gold Rush Crossword

Hunter Wardman - SAP

A fun crossword about the Australian Gold Rush

1 2
4 5    
6                     7      
9           10      
  11                       12      
13         14   15            
17         18  

3.Looking for gold can also be called __________ for gold
6.What is the name of the place where bushranger Ben Hall hid stolen booty in1862
8.The miners in Australia had a _________ against the police
9.Gold sometimes grows on this
11.Who was the person who started the goldrush in Australia
13.If you find one of these you are very rich
17.The first piece of gold was found __ years after the First Fleet arrived in 1814
20.What famous bushranger was trialed in court near the Beachworth gold fields
21.This method of getting gold was the most expensive
23.In 1858 this state found gold
24.Gold miners in Australia needed this to mine leagally
25.Each miner got approximately _ metres squared to look for gold
1.This is where a gold rush was just before Australia had one
2.These types of people robbed gold from people transporting gold
4.Chinese minese miners were reffered to being known as
5.Gold was transported in one of these
7.How many people came from England and Wales to mine for gold
10.This is where the Eureka flag was first flown
12.What beverage was illegal on the gold fields
14.Gold was first found in this state
15.This is a colour and also a metal
16.This is the melting point of gold
18.How many food stores sold alcohol (# in #)
19.You can do this beside a river
22.Gold sinks to the bottom because it is _______ than soil

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