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Night (Chapters 1-3) Review

By Ms. Iocco

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1.On page 34, Elie says, Never shall I forget those things, even were I _______________________________ to live as long as God Himself.
3.At the beginning of the memoir, Elie describes his father, __________________________ Wiesel as being more interested in his Jewish community than in his own family, but as the story goes on, Elie's bond with his father grows.
5.After being deported from the large ghetto, the Jews are sent to a ______________________ ghetto which seems much more chaotic than the large ghetto.
7.On page 45, ___________________________ ____________________________ says God is testing us. He wants to see whether we are capable of overcoming our base instincts...And if He punishes us mercilessly, it is a sign that He loves us that much more....
11.The prisoners' _________________________ of food for each day included black coffee in the morning, thin soup later on in the day, and then a little piece of bread with something.
12.When they arrived at ________________________________, the prisoners were ironically met with a sign that read, Work makes you free.
13.On page 12 , Elie says, The ghetto was ruled by neither German nor Jew; it was ruled by ___________________________.
15.The _______________________________ were the Nazi police put in charge of torturing Jews.
16.Safdly, Elie's blonde haired youngest sister ______________________________ and his mother never made it out of the Holocaust.
18.After traveling by cattle car for days without water, the Jews arrived at __________________________.
20.After being deported from their homes, the Jews are sent to a large ____________________________ within their own town. They actually feel safe here and remain optimistic.
21.Dr. __________________________, also known as the Angel of Death, was responsible for deciding who lived and who died within the concentration camps.
24.Even though he said that he had lost all faith in God, Elie recites the ______________________________ (Jewish prayer for the dead) when he thinks he is about to die.
26.Elie is from a small town in Transylvania called ______________________________.
28.Elie uses a __________________________________ when he says, We were withered trees in the heart of the dessert. (This is a comparison between two unlike things WITHOUT using like or as)
29.The Wiesel family's former maid named _______________________________ offered the family a safe place to stay, but she was turned down.
2.By tatooing their arms and shaving their heads, the Nazis were trying to _________________________________ the Jews (take away their individuality and humanity).
4.After being deported from the small ghettos, the Jews were shoved into _________________________ ____________________________ and taken on a voyage without sufficient food, air, or water.
6.On page 3, Elie describes ___________________________ as being a man who spoke little, but sang and chanted instead. After returning from deportation, Elie says of this man, he was not the same. The joy in his eyes were gone. He no longer sang. He no longer mentioned either God or Kabbalah.
8._______________________ ____________________________ was chosen to be a part of the Sonder-Kommando and then was forced to throw his own father's body into the furnace.
9.On page 10, Elie says, On the seventh day of __________________________, the curtain finally rose: the Germans arrested the leaders of the Jewish community.
10.On their train ride, Mrs. ____________________________ warned of a horrible fire, but instead of being believed she was beaten and abused.
14.Moishe the ________________________ was a poor, humble, and religious man who was accepted within Elie's Jewish community.
17.As their rights are taken away, Elie's father says, The yellow ______________________? So what? It's not lethal... In response Elie says, Poor Father! Of what then did you die?
19.Moishe offers to instruct Elie in the teachings of ____________________________ which is Jewish mysticism.
22.On page 42, _________________________, the narrator of Night says, I became A-7713. From then on, I had no other name.
23.Elie uses a ________________________________ when he says, Monday went by like a small summer cloud, like a dream in the first hours of dawn. (This is a comparison between two unlike things by using like or as)
25.______________________________ was the German dictator who wanted to annihilate (get rid of) every Jewish person.
27.After Auschwitz, the prisoners were sent to _______________________________.

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