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Famous Poets Crossword Puzzle

By Adele Kenny

Answer With Poets' Last names

1   2         3         4
  5 6                
  7   8            
      9 10 11            
12               13     14    
18             19     20                
  21                       22  
      24   25            
    26 27              
        28   29
    30         31              
32       33            
  35         36 37
38         39 40      
      41         42    
45         46                 47
  49 50  
51         52      

1.Verlaine's Lover
3.Harlem Renaissance Poet
5."Divine Comedy" Author
7.Creator of Sprung Rhythm
11.His Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed
12.Poet Who Wrote of King Arthur
15.His Wife Authored Frankenstein
16.The Great Bard from Stratford-Upon-Avon
18.Poet Who Didn't Capitalize
20.Author of Howl
21.Recluse from Amherst
23.Pre-Raphaelite Poet & Painter, Christina's Brother
25.His Daffy Duck Went to Hollywood
27.Friend Who Published Gerard Manley Hopkins's Works
30.Ice Crystals Poet Who Wrote "The Road Not Taken"
31.New Jersey Doctor Who Immortalized Plums
32.Poet Whose First Name Rhymes with "Rachel"
34.Confessional Poet Who Committed Suicide
35.2010-2011 US Poet Laureate
38.English Poet, Painter, & Printmaker
41.Children's Poet Who Wrote "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod"
43.Poet Elizabeth Who Wrote "Visits to St. Elizabeth's"
44.Author of "Musee Des Beaux Arts"
45.British Poet & Novelist with A "Royal" First Name
46.Irish Poet Laureate
48.Poet Who Wore A Tricorn hat
51.Haiku Originator
52.Poet Who Wrote About War
53.American Humorous Poet
54.Irish Poet and Novelist Who Wrote Ulysses
2.Wrote to His Coy Mistress
4.British Poet Opposite of Northey
6.Author of "Evangeline" Who Wasn't a Shortfellow
8.Russian Poet & Author of Dr. Zhivago
9."Kubla Khan" Author
10.Spoon River Anthology Author
13.Russian Poet Who Taught Herself to Live Simply
14.Lived at Dove Cottage
17.Did he dare to eat a peach?
18."Jabberwocky" Author
19."Sandy" Poet Who Wrote "Sandhill People"
21.Last Name of Poet Known as H. D.
22.Poets Whose Last Name Is Like Earl Grey or English Breakfast
24.Poet Who Wrote a "Scroll" On the Road
26.Suicide Who Wrote "The Bridge"
28.Poet Who Wrote "Trees"
29.1990 Nobel Laureate Born in Mexico City
33.Poet Who Looked at a Blackbird Thirteen Ways
35.The Poem "Renascence" Won Her Early Fame
36.Chilean Poet
37.Caroline Lamb's Lover
38.His Love Was Like a Red, Red rose
39.Welsh Poet Who Wrote of His Craft or Sullen Art
40.Un-Tame Author of "The Ballad of Reading Gaol"
42.Grecian Urn Poet
43.Author of "We Real Cool"
47.Imagist Who Wrote "In a Station of the Metro"
49.Poet Who Wrote That No Man Is An Island
50.He Wrote About a Raven

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