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The Earth


1 2 3
4             5       6  
      7   8
  9 10                  
    11   12 13                  
            14 15
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21                         22        

4.a corrosive, reactive gas in our atmosphere, formed by the early life on Earth
5.a "small blue marble", a terrestrial planet, 3rd planet from the Sun
10.outside of the core, thick & rocky has convection currents, contains silicon, O2, magnesium, Fe, aluminum, Ca
13.layer with high-energy radiation & particles from Sun
16.trapping & absorption of infrared radiation by atmospheris gases
17.cool overlies warm, hot air rises and cools and falls repeatedly, winds on Earth
18.travel at 5-6 km/s through liquids and solids, vibrating pressure waves like sound waves
19.move outward from the site of the quake, recorded with a seismograph
21.electrons and protons from solar wind trapped in Earth's magnetism, inner contain protons & outer contain electrons
1.rich in water vapor, methane, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, & nitrogen compounds
2.blue light removed from the line of sight between us and the Sun & will scatter in atmosphere before entering eyes, the blue sky
3.travel at 3-4 km/s only through solids causing side-to-side shear waves, absorbed by liquids
6.covers over 70 percent of Earth, liquid portions of Earth's surface
7.atmospheric molecules collide with charged particles, fall at poles and emit visible light of many colors
8.2 part area, inner is of solid iron and outer is in a hot, liquid state, all high density
9.variation in density and composition, not homogeneous
11.lowest region of atmosphere, from the surface to about 15 km, the weather zone
12.discovered by satellites in 1950s, charged particles from the Sun are trapped by Earth's magneitc field
14.between stratosphere & mesosphere, incoming solar UV radiation is absorbed by O3 & N2
15.50-80 km above surface, between stratosphere & ionosphere, ozone layer is near
20.comprising the continents and sea floor, rigid and rocky outer surface
22.hydrospheric daily, monthly, & yearly flucuation due to gravitational influences of Sun & Moon on Earth

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